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psoriasis and cholesterol

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Absztrakt Human physiological judgment of dietary lipids fats is driven by the lipid-theory of Ancel Keys published in Social effect of the theory was enormous. In details it meant the blaming of animal and plant lipids with higher saturated fatty acids SAFA — among them milk fat butter — and the laudation of plant oils with high polyunsaturated fatty acid PUFA, mainly omega-6 content.

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The scientific psoriasis and cholesterol practical dominancy of the theory was so strong that no remarkable even psoriasis and cholesterol prize winning findings could shake its position. Beginning from the last decade of the 20th century, however, three major breaking points appeared in the frontline of dietary fats.

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Even separately but also together these three findings gave the final jab to the theory. As an effect of the new findings lipids with saturated fatty acids and cholesterol became secondary risk factors while psoriasis and cholesterol oils saffron- sunflower- walnut- wheat germ- cotton seed- soybean- corn germ- and sesame seed oils rich in PUFA became the primary ones. The three findings are as follows: - In the Harvard team of Willet alarmed the world that hydrogen treatment of plant oils result in formation of trans fatty acids and through the oxygenated ldl oxldl these acids are main factors of arteriosclerosis.

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In Hungary the same ratio is Toxic compounds can be found in fried meals just as french fries, breaded meats in the same concentration. Such compounds fail to form in lipids with low PUFA content.

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