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The short is answer, yes. Secondly, a lot of alcoholic drinks have enough carbs and sugar to kick you out of ketosis, think beer and wine.

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A little bit of Himalayan pink salt and lemon in your water will help provide extra electrolytes before the alcohol dehydrates you. Eat something something fatty.

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How about a nice steak dinner with avocado, asparagus comes with a natural defence against the bad effects of alcoholand a big bed of greens.

This will help provide your body with nutrients to function at peak performance when processing the alcohol in your system. Take Milk Thistle before and after you drink.

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Milk Thistle helps the liver function at a high level — and can even help grow the liver back in those who have really damaged this vital organ amazing! Consume an 8 ounce at least glass of water for every drink you have.

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After this point is when it really starts wreaking havoc on your system. All that said, when it finally comes time to make a decision, here are your options: Beer ~10 to 30 grams of carbs per glass — sorry, not a good option!

Wine ~2. Stay away from sweetened liquors and mixing with something sugary, opt for things like club soda or seltzer if you want a mixer. Overall, clear hard liquor is probably your best bet if you want to imbibe.

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Drink responsibly, my friends!

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